Elizabeth Leads the Way: Elizabeth Cady Stanton and the Right to Vote By Tanya Lee Stone


Back of Book:
Elizabeth Cady Stanton stood up and fought for what she believed in. From an early age, she knew that women were not given rights equal to men. But rather than accept her lesser status, Elizabeth went to college and later gathered other like-minded women to challenge the right to vote. Here is the inspiring story of an extraordinary woman who changed America forever because she wouldn’t take “no” for an answer.

My Review:
I am always thankful that women like Elizabeth Cady Stanton fought for women to have the right to think for themselves. I love how this picture book biography tells readers about the strength and diligence that Elizabeth had. I think this this is a fantastic and well written story. The text is written in a way that younger audiences can understand and appreciate. The illustrations are simply lovely and show each part of Elizabeth’s life. Another great book to read during National Women’s Month.
Ages 6 and up
32 Pages

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