Anybody’s Game: The Story of the First Girl to Play Little League Baseball by Heather Lang



Back of Book:


In 1950, Kathryn Johnston wanted to play Little League, but an unwritten rule kept girls from trying out. So she cut off her hair and tried out as a boy under the nickname “Tubby.” She made the team―and changed Little League forever. A great story about what it means to want to do something so badly you’re willing to break the rules to do it―and how breaking the rules can lead to change.


My Review:


I love reading about the women who were brave and courageous enough to stand and fight the rules of baseball. I had never heard of Kathryn Johnson and was excited to learn more about the first girl to ever play in Little League. The text is well researched and written. It is a perfect blend of history and girl power. The illustrations are well drawn and show the journey that Katherine (Tubby) took in order to prove that she was as good as any boy. The back of the book has a two page authors note complete with pictures and a baseball timeline. A fantastic picture book that should be in every school.


Ages 5 and up

32 Pages

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