This Is the Matzah by Abby Levine



Back of Book:


Max and his family prepare to celebrate Passover. In cumulative verse, Max and his sister Ruth shop for matzah in the Passover aisle of the grocery store. The family gathers for the traditional Seder that celebrates this holiday of freedom.


My Review:


I recently found this book and loved reading it to my students this week for Passover. I love that the beginning of the book has a description about what Passover is and who celebrates it. The story follows Max as he and his family prepare for the Passover. Each page teaches readers about a different aspect of Passover. The illustrations are fun and clearly show readers all the aspects of the Passover Feast. A great book to use as a teaching tool to show readers about different holidays around the world.


Ages 5 and up

32 Pages

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