Mermaid Queen: The Spectacular True Story Of Annette Kellerman, Who Swam Her Way To Fame, Fortune & Swimsuit History! by Shana Corey


Back of Book:
A fun, feel-good, “underdog” story about a little-known female athlete whose derring-do transformed girls’ sports.

Are you brave enough to make a wave? If you love sports and people who aren’t afraid to swim against the tide, Annette Kellerman and her freestyle approach to life will make your heart swell.

With strokes of genius, Shana Corey and Edwin Fotheringham pool their talents to create a winning portrait of a little-known athlete, performer, and fashion revolutionary who broke records (and rules!) and dazzled the world with her splashy pluck and courage.
My Review:
Until reading this picture book, I had never realized that I took wearing a bathing suit for granted. When I read the description of this story I knew I had to add it to my National Women’s Month unit. I love that the book follows Annette from her childhood on. Annette was the first woman to ever swim the English Channel! She broke records and shocked the world with her talent. The illustrations are beautiful and show readers the beauty of water ballet. The back of the book has an extensive note from the author that shares more about the ways that Annette changed swim forever!
Ages 5 and up
32 Pages

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