Miss Fox’s Class Goes Greenby Eileen Spinelli


Back of Book:

When Miss Fox shows up at school riding her bicycle, Mouse asks, “Do you have a flat tire?” “No,” Miss Fox tells her students. “I am going green!” Soon everyone in the class is working to keep the earth healthy. Mouse takes shorter showers (and does her singing after!); Bunny brings a cloth bag to the supermarket; and Possum turns the lights off when he goes out. And Miss Fox’s simple act has ripples even beyond her own students…soon the whole school starts riding their bikes–including the principal.

My Review:

The Miss Fox books are some of my favorite book to read aloud in my classroom. My students always love hearing these stories. Miss Fox’s Class goes green is a great book to share for Earth Day. I love that Miss Fox has her class give her ideas on how they can help the planet. The text gives readers great examples of ways that they can make their classroom and their homes a greener place. The illustrations are bright and very cute. I am a huge fan of the entire Miss Fox series/

Ages 5 and up

32 Pages

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