Ten Cents a Pound By Nhung Tran-Davies


Back of Book:
Back of Book: A young girl and her mother have a loving, passionate conversation with each other. The girl is torn between her desire to stay home with her family and the familiarity of their village, and her desire to go to school and discover the world beyond the mountains that surround them. Every time the girl insists that she will stay, her mother repeats that she must go, that there is more to life than the labor in the coffee trees.
My Review:
I was very excited to receive a copy of this book from Second Story Press in exchange for an honest review. I found this picture book to be a stunning example of the importance of literacy. The conversation between the daughter and mother has a haunting quality to it. Each page shares the conversation that the mother and daughter have. The daughter feels like she must stay, but the mother assures her that its okay to go. The message of this story is simple and profound. It shows readers the gift of education and the sacrifices that people give in order to obtain it. The illustrations are stunning and capture the feelings and strength of both the mother and daughter. A truly remarkable story that I highly recommend!
Ages 5 and up
24 Pages

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