Perfect Square by Michael Hall


Back of Book:
A perfect square is transformed in this adventure story that will transport you far beyond the four equal sides of this square book.
My Review:
The first time I heard about this book I was at a writer’s workshop. I knew that I needed this book in my classroom. Perfect square is an excellent book to use for any STEM or math unit. The book begins with a perfect square with four matching corners and four equal sides. Then the square was cut into pieces and changed into something different. As the story continues, the square is turned to many different images, one for every day of the week. Each image is unique and shows readers all the different things that a simple square can be turned into. The illustrations have bright colors that draw readers attention to the different ways the square is broken up. I am so glad that this book was a part of the Scholastic lineup this year. The ways that a teacher can use this book are endless. It can be used for lessons on geometry, music, art, writing, perspective, figurative language and many more. Michael Hall created a book that allows readers to open their minds to many possibilities!
Ages 5 and up
40 Pages

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