If Sharks Disappeared by Lily Williams


Back of Book:

A healthy ocean is home to many different kinds of animals. They can be
big, like a whale,
tiny, like a shrimp,
and even scary, like a shark.
Even though sharks can be scary, we need them to keep the oceans healthy. Unfortunately, due to overfishing, many shark species are in danger of extinction, and that can cause big problems in the oceans and even on land.
What would happen if this continued and sharks disappeared completely?
My Review:
Shark Week is officially July 22nd to July 29th. It is a week dedicated to teaching people about these amazing beasts in the oceans. “If Sharks Disappeared” is a fun and in -depth look at how sharks keep our oceans balanced. The book also shares how vulnerable sharks are to extinction and how if they disappeared the population of other animals would be thrown off balance. I love that the back of the book has a glossary, as well as an authors about how some of the amazing places that sharks reside. The illustrations are fun and follow a young girl as she learns about the amazing creatures that are sharks. This is a great nonfiction addition to any shark unit.
Ages 5 and up
40 Pages

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