A Paintbrush for Paco by Tracey Kyle


Back of Book:
Paco loves daydreaming and drawing, but he struggles to concentrate during class. When his profesor takes him to the art room, Paco is amazed by the colorful paints: pink, rosado; purple, morado; fiery orange, anaranjado; and more! Could art be just what Paco needs?

My Review:
I am so glad that I received a cop of this book from author Tracey Kyle. It is a beautiful story about the power that art can have on a child. The text is exciting, and rhymes which allows readers to stay engaged and enjoy the story. I love that the book shows the importance of incorporating art in the classroom. I agree with Tracy’s message that art needs to stay a part of the curriculum in classrooms. Every teacher has had a child who is talented in art like Paco. This book shows these students that their art is a gift, and should be celebrated. There are several Spanish words that are perfectly sprinkled throughout the text which creates a perfect bilingual story for young readers. The illustrations from Joshua Heinsz are simply stunning! The colors are bright and vibrant! The back of the book has a great author note, as well as a detailed glossary with Spanish words, English words, and pronunciation. I cannot wait to share this book in my classroom. A must have in all classroom libraries.
Ages 5 and up
40 Pages

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