The World Never Sleeps By Natalie Rompella


Back of Book:
This nonfiction picture book reveals the hidden lives of insects and other small creatures from one midnight to the next. The world may appear to be sleeping in the dead of night, but it is not. As moonflowers open and stars shine, nature goes about her business. The world never sleeps.
My Review:
I was so excited to win a copy of this book from author Natalie Rompella. It is an up close look at the world of insects, that roam in the nighttime hours. Each page describes to readers how the insect survives during the evening. The text is beautifully written and shows readers a world that happens while they are sleeping. The illustrations are vivid and detailed. Readers can clearly see all the tiny details on each insect. I love that the orange cat is a focal point on every page. It draws readers in to look and see what the cat sees. The back of the book has a list of all the bugs and insects listed within the story which makes it a perfect nonfiction text to use in any bug related unit. I am looking forward to sharing this book with my students this year.
Ages 5 and up
36 Pages

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