Hawk Rising


Back of Book:
A father red-tailed hawk hunts prey for his family in a suburban neighborhood in this thrilling, fierce, and gorgeous nonfiction picture book.
My Review:
Maria Gianferrari is not only an incredibly talented author, but also a very kind and fun person. I was so excited to win a copy of her story Hawk Raising. It is a fabulous look at the life and patterns of a Red Tailed Hawk. The story is about a young girl and she follows the majestic hawk throughout the day. The text is lyrical and filled with figurative language. The illustrations have beautiful detail and show readers the strength of hawks. The back of the book has facts about Red Tails Hawks, as well as websites that readers can visit. This is an excellent nonfiction text to share with children about a beautiful bird of nature. I’m looking forward to sharing it with my class this year.

40 Pages

Ages 5 and up

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