Amelia Bedelia’s First Apple Pie By Herman Parish


Back of Book:
Amelia Bedelia loves everything about autumn. Shes shorter, and shes younger then the one you know, and her only job is having fun. But she’ll make you laugh all the same.
My Review:
I am so glad that author Herman Parish, reinvented the Amelia Bedelia books. His aunt wrote the originals and Herman kept her concept and simply made Amelia younger. Amelia Bedelias First Apple Pie is a great read aloud to share with children about apples. The story follows Amelia as she goes to the farmers market and picks apples for a pie. The story teaches readers the names of the apples as well as the colors. The text is easy to read and perfect for beginning readers. The illustrations are fun, and show readers details of the apples. The back of the book has a recipe for apple pie that readers can try. My students enjoyed hearing this story and asked if we could please make apple pie.
32 pages
Ages 5 and up

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