Dino-Christmas (Dino-Holidays) By Lisa Wheeler


Back of Book: Have yourself a merry Dino-Christmas! Dinos big and small deck the halls and enjoy snowball fights, hot cocoa, a parade, and more. Share in the dinosaurs’ delight as they eagerly await the arrival of everyone’s favorite . . . Santa Claws!
My Review:
I was so excited to read this story on Net Gallery. Thank you Lisa for making sure that I received a copy. I was so excited to see that Lisa Wheeler was creating a Christmas version of her much loved Dino series. Since I live in Southern California, my students do not get to see or participate in a lot snow related activity. I loved that this book shows the dinosaurs ice skating, sledding, and having snow ball fights. I love the sense of community and excitement that the dinosaurs have around Christmas. The rhyming verse keep readers enjoying every fun aspect of the book. The illustrations are the filmier and fun images that we know and love. Each picture has fun details and makes for a fantastic read aloud. A great addition to any Christmas list.
Ages 5 and up
32 Pages

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