The Absolutely, Positively No Princesses Book by Ian Lendler


Back of Book:
Some kids like frills and sparkles and bows and lots of pink. And some don’t. The girl who started “The Absolutely, Positively No Princess Book” is sure that she wants a story full of nature and adventure. But when a princess barges into the pages with her own opinions about what makes for a good story, the two learn that they each have something to offer. Together they make the best story of all.
My Review:
I received a copy of this book from author Ian Lender in exchange for an honest review. I was just like the princess in this story. I loved frills and sparkles and pink. My best friend growing up was exactly like the little girl! This story made me laugh out because it reminded me of spending time with my best friend. I love that the message of the story is about compromise and sharing ideas. Together the girl and the princess create a concept that balances both their interests. The illustrations are drawn in a almost comic book style and use word bubbles to show when the characters are speaking. I really enjoyed this story and look forward to sharing it in my classroom.
Ages 5 and up
36 Pages

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