Operation Rescue Dog By Maria Gianferrari


Back of Book:
This sweet story about a girl named Alma and a stray dog named Lulu shows how a girl and a dog can rescue each other. Lulu sleeps under the moon, drinking from mud puddles and is covered in ticks until she is rescued. She waits for the Operation Rescue Dog truck, scared and uncertain. Alma misses her Mami, who is far away in Iraq. Alma wears Mami’s scarf around her like a hug. She wonders: Can a dog feel like a hug?

My Review:
I received a copy of this book from author Maria Gianferrari in exchange for an honest review.
Operation Rescue Dog is a touching tale about a young girl and her search for something special in her new home. Alma misses her Mami and her home in Iraq. She hopes that having a dog can make her feel like she is home. Lulu is a dog who is scared and alone. She hopes that finding a home will help her find a friend. I love this touching story that shares two perspectives throughout the story. Readers will love watching as Alma and Lulu find their way to one another. The text is lyrical and filled with figurative language. The illustrations are beautiful and show readers the story from both Alma and Lulu views. I can see Maria’s passion for rescue dogs and the people who choose to love them. She wrote an author note and shares how people can rescue dogs and give them a forever home. I am looking forward to sharing this story with my class this year.
Ages 5 and up
40 Pages

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