Building Books by Megan Wagner Lloyd


Back of Book:
Katie loves to build. She loves the way the blocks click together, the way they crash when they topple to the floor. But most of all, she loves to build something brand-new. Unlike her brother, she hates reading.

Owen loves to read. He loves the way the pages rustle when he turns them, the way the paper smells. But most of all, he loves to read something brand-new. But, unlike his sister, he has no interest in building.

When their rivalry finally comes to a head, a librarian suggests a solution. Books for Katie to read and books for Owen to shelve. Can they learn to appreciate their siblings’ hobbies and build something together?
My Review:
I received a copy of this book from author Megan Wagner Lloyd in exchange for an honest review. Love reading
I absolutely love reading stories about the beauty of books. This story is no exception. The story follows two siblings and their rivalry as to what is better building with books? or reading books? I love that the wise librarian creates a perfect compromise. She sends a stack of books to build with Owen and a stack of books to read with Katie. The two children realize that they can go against their normal routine and try something different. The ending shows the two siblings compromising and enjoying stories together. The illustrations in this story are beautiful and show diverse people. My students enjoyed hearing this story and asked to look at it during the independent reading time.
Ages 5 and up
32 Pages

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