Pearl By Molly Idle


Back of Book:
Sometimes the tiniest light can shine the brightest! Like the other mermaids of the deep, Pearl longs to care for the endless beaches, coral reefs, and towering kelp forests of her vast ocean world. So when her mother asks her to tend to a mere grain of sand, Pearl is heartbroken. It takes all her patience and determination to discover how even the littlest mermaid can transform the world.
My Review:
I received a copy of this book from author Molly Idle in exchange for an honest review.
Pearl is a truly whimsical story that follows a small mermaid on her quest to do something truly important. I love the lesson that is within the pages. It shows readers that even the smallest act and create something beautiful! So often, my students complain to me that they are too small and cannot do anything important. When I shared this book with my class it held their attention the entire time. They were very curious as to what the grain of sand would turn into. I tied the tale into a growth mindset lesson and told my students that it sometimes takes patience and responsibility to go great things! The illustrations in this story are nothing short of magical. This is a truly stunning story with a valuable lesson.
Ages 5 and up
48 Pages

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