Zola’s Elephant By Randall de Sève


Back of Book:

When Zola moves into the neighborhood, her new next-door neighbor is too shy to go over and introduce herself. Plus, Zola already has a friend to play with—an elephant!
What we imagine is not always true, as the little girl discovers. Luckily, she also discovers that being brave can lead to new friendships—and even richer imaginary worlds—in this heartwarming book about friendship, moving, and the power of imagination.
My Review:
I received a copy of this book from author Randall de Seve in exchange for an honest review.
Zola’s Elephant is a wonderful story that shows readers the beauty of imagination and the importance of having the courage to meet new people. The story follows a young girl as she shares her apprehension about meeting her new neighbor Zola. The girl convinces herself that Zola has a has a much more exciting life then she does that includes an elephant. In reality, Zola is lonely and needs a new friend. The illustrations are whimsical and nothing short of stunning! The end of the book has a sweet ending that encourages readers to get to know new friends. This is a perfect tale to share in the classroom when a new student joins the class.
Ages 5 and up
40 Pages

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