Think of It Like This! ByDeirdre Pecchioni Cummings


Molly loves her favorite dress. But one day when she twirls too fast and falls on the cement, Molly’s dress tears and goes right in the trash. Molly is so sad-until her mother comes to the rescue and teaches her a valuable lesson. When Billy rides his bike to the store to buy chocolate, he is very disappointed and mad when he realizes the store is closed. Billy must close his eyes and think things through before he loses his cool. Carrie always cries and stomps her feet when she does not get her way. But when she discovers she is losing all her friends, Carrie must change her ways. Think of it Like This! is the inspiring and educational tale of three children’s challenges and subsequent life lessons as they become mindful of their triggers, develop a plan, and make the best of what life has given them.
My Review:
I am excited to be a reviewer for  Multicultural Children’s Book DayIt is on January 25th and is a day dedicated to sharing diverse stories with readers. I was thrilled to receive several books from author Deirdre Pecchioni Cummings.

“Think of it Like This” is a wonderful story that allows readers to see positive examples on ways that they can deal with difficult issues. Each child in the story has something unexpected come up in their life. The text beautifully shows readers that everyone has bad days, but its how they choose to react that matters. The illustrations by Erika Busse are a great mix of diverse characters that allow readers to see themselves in the story. This is a perfect book for the classroom to use to teach social and emotional learning. My students loved hearing this story. It led us to a fantastic writing assignment about how they can deal with disappointment. I highly recommend this story.
Ages 5 and up
44 Pages


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