Dress Like a Girl by Patricia Toht


Back of Book:
In these beautifully illustrated pages, a diverse cast of slumber party participants considers the most time-honored traditions for how to dress. If a lady should wear white in summertime, then how about donning a spacesuit? If team colors are apropos at sporting events, why not wear helmets and play ball?
Instilling the idea that the best way to dress like a girl is the way that makes you feel most like YOU!
My Review:
I was sent a copy of this book from author Patricia Toht in exchange for an honest review.
This is such a beautiful and relevant story for today’s generation of little girls. It encourages girls to be whoever they would like to be. I love that the beginning of the story mentions that the world will try to tell girls that there are rules that must be addressed as to what you should wear. From the beginning, this book shows readers that it is okay to be an individual in what they wear and what they want to do. The rhyming scheme is fun and keeps readers engaged. The illustrations showcase a diverse group of girls all learning and playing together. The colors are bright and show the girls in a variety of areas dressing up as doctors, adventures, scientists and more. This is a perfect book to read in classrooms or at home. It allows readers to see that girls can be strong and fierce in everything they do.
Ages 5 and up
32 Pages

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