Peeping Beauty by Brenda Maier


Back of Book:

Peep peep! Mama and Papa can’t wait for their new little chicks to arrive.
With a quiver, A shiver, A crackle, and a peep! Two of the chicks hatch!
But the third egg? It’s in no hurry to get cracking. With the help of his siblings and his mama’s love, will this little chick find its way out into his big, new world?
My Review:
I received a copy of this picture book from author Brenda Maier in exchange for an honest review. The story follows Mama and Papa chickens are they wait for their baby chicks hatch. As they wait for the third egg to hatch mama chicken tells fun stories like Peeping Beauty to pass the time. The ending has a surprise twist thats sure to make readers giggle with joy. The illustrations are full of bright and engaging colors. The details on each page bring this fun story to life. This is a great story to read at bedtime or anytime.
32 Pages
Ages 5 and up

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