Inspirational Books By Deirdre Pecchioni Cummings


My Trip to the Beach
Back of Book:
Just like adults, children can have bad days too. The good news is that, just like adults, children can better cope with stress by learning and practicing mindfulness.

Through simple exercises that help strengthen concentration, decrease stress levels, reduce anger and impulse issues, and aid in better self-awareness, seasoned therapist Deirdre Pecchioni Cummings provides poetic perspectives on life and its struggles that encourages children to focus on imagery, positivity, and the important message that with each sunrise comes a chance to begin again.
My Review:

My Trip to the Beach is a terrific book that allows readers to focus on the concept of mindfulness. The story stresses the importance of finding a quiet place and concentrating on the beauty around you. I love that Deirdre reminds children to focus on the people that love them, and the things that they are good at. This book allows children to feel frustrated while giving them skills to cope and deal with their feelings. The illustrations are warm and inviting. The colors are soft and show the simple beauty in life. This is a book that should definitely be in every school and children’s counselors office. A perfect book to add to any mindfulness unit!
Ages 5 and up
32 Pages


Back of Book:
A children’s book to remind us that when we close our hearts from fear-we close off other emotions like love, peace, and joy. Inspired by her work with foster children, author Deirdre Pecchioni Cummings’Heart speaks directly to our hearts. This simple story with beautiful illustrations is about love, life, faith, and the power of prayer. Heart will help lift your spirit and serves as a guide to the path to healing
My Review:
Heart is a moving and emotional picture book that focuses on the importance of guarding your heart, from people who will hurt and take advantage of you. The story also focuses on the importance of trust and finding a balance between the two concepts. It is truly heartbreaking to me that so many young children are closed off because of the damage that has been done to them. This is a much-needed book for children of all ages. I love that the books overall message is to find faith and believe that there are good people in the world. This is a book that should definitely be in every school and children’s counselors office.
Ages 5 and up
24 Pages


If a Caterpillar Can Fly, why can’t I?
Throughout her work as a therapist with children, Deirdre Cummings, has recognized two major areas of concern affecting the esteem of today’s youth. One is too much screen time and emphasis on how the world sees you (or worse approves you) through social media. The second is a lack of focus on goals and a real belief that it is possible to achieve them. This journal is fun and thought-provoking. It is never too early for kids to begin working towards their dreams. If A Caterpillar Can Fly, Why Can’t I teaches children the value of having of being self-aware which fosters greater resilience, increases dreaming and motivation, and improves relationships with the people in their life who matter most. It is not only a roadmap but a time capsule of hopes and dreams for tomorrow’s future leaders!
My Review:
This is a fantastic and inspirational resource for young audiences. This interactive journal allows readers to participate in their own growth. The book is completely in black and white and allows readers to color the pages. There are also list prompts that can be filled out and inspirational quotes throughout the pages. All children should have this book in their lives.
Ages 5 and up
84 Pages

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