Gloria Takes a Stand: How Gloria Steinem Listened, Wrote, and Changed the World By Jessica M. Rinker


Back of Book:
As a young girl, Gloria Steinem thought for herself and spoke her mind. She read many books by her favorite authors and imagined herself as the heroine of the story.
Gloria wished. She read. And imagined.
But Gloria grew up during a time when women were not encouraged or even allowed, to do a lot of the things men could do: go to college, get a job, open a bank account, and more. There were restrictions that made it impossible for women to be independent or equal to men. So, Gloria set out to change that . . .
Gloria listened. She watched. And wrote.
Gloria believed. She marched. And dreamed.
My Review:
I was sent a copy of this picture book from publisher Bloomsbury Press in exchange for an honest review.
Author Jessica Rinker has beautifully captured the life and determination of Gloria Steinem. The story follows Gloria from a young girl to a powerful woman. Gloria never stopped watching, listening, and dreaming. She believed that all people were important and that everyone should be heard. As a journalist, she fought to give a voice to women who did not have one. Gloria created a magazine that was strictly for women called Ms. She published articles about women who changed laws and protected themselves from violence. She achieved many great things over the course of her career. The illustrations are vibrant and draw readers into the strength and resilience of women. The back of the book has fantastic authors note and illustrators note about the ways that Gloria influenced them. The book also has a timeline and bibliography that shares more information with readers. This is a terrific story to share during National Women’s Day.
Ages 8 and up
48 Pages

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