Sunny’s Tow Truck Saves the Day! By Anne Marie Pace


When a family car gets a flat on the way to a picnic, help is needed and time is ticking! Cranes are lifting, and pavers are paving. Diggers are digging, and workers are waving. But where is Sunny and her trusty tow truck?

I received a copy of this picture book from author Anne Marie Pace in exchange for an honest review.
This is an engaging and fun book that teaches readers about the different vehicles and the types of workers that drive them. The story follows a family as they begin their journey to have a picnic. Suddenly they get a flat tire and must call Sunny’s Tow Truck. While they wait, the family encounters several types of vehicles such as police cars, fire engines, and diggers. In the end, Sunny saves the day. The illustrations are bright and showcase a diverse family enjoying learning about different vehicles and enjoying time together. I teach a unit on community helpers in my classroom and was so excited to add this to my list of read-aloud books to share with my students. It is an adorable story that all readers will enjoy!
Ages 5 and up
24 Pages

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