How to Track an Easter Bunny by Sue Fliess


Back of Book:
Legend has it that the only way to find all the hidden Easter eggs is to track an Easter Bunny’s every move. . . . But be careful: Easter Bunnies hop fast! To find one, you’ll need to be clever in crafting a tricky nest. So, grab some nest supplies, glitter, and glue, and get prepared for your sly holiday visitor!

On the night before Easter, the Easter Bunny will show up to hide her eggs and then disappear as quickly as she came. However, if you’re careful and clever and quick, you can set up a bunny nest that will let you track the Easter Bunny, and then you’ll be sure to find all her hidden treasures, no matter where they might be!
My Review:
I received a copy of this picture book from Sky Pony Press in exchange for an honest review.
The Easter season s upon us and with that comes enjoying fantastic read alouds with my students. I am already a fan of Sue Fliess and was thrilled to see that she had written another book. The story follows a group of children as they set a trap for the Easter Bunny. The rhyming scheme is engaging and creative Each action or descriptive word is bolded and written in another color. I loved that the book teaches readers about the original creation of making a bunny nest. The illustrations by Simona Sanfilippo are bright, vibrant, and filled with detail. The back of the book has a history of the Easter nest and instructions on how readers can create their own. It adds another layer to the story and creates a great activity to do in the classroom. This is a book that can be enjoyed over and over again.
Ages 5 and up
32 Pages

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