Marigold Finds the Magic Words by Mike Malbrough


Back of Book:

Marigold is throwing himself the most amazing birthday party ever! He’s baked himself an enormous birthday cake and planned everything well in advance. Everyone is ready for something extraordinary. Something…magical! But when Marigold tries to make a bouquet of flowers disappear, a pesky finch appears in its place. That’s not right at all! At every turn, Marigold’s magic trick gets derailed until the distractions are too much to bear, and Marigold launches into a full-on feline frenzy, making everything–and everyone– disappear. What magic words can save the day?
My Review:
I received a copy of this picture book from Philomel Books Publisher in exchange for an honest review.
Marigold is back with more fun antics that are sure to create a fit of giggles with readers. In this book, Marigold is attempting to create fun magic tricks to awe his friends. Instead of creating tricks, Marigold messes everything up until he makes everyone disappear. It is only when he realizes that he has to use polite words will everything be okay.
This story is filled with several important messages that children can learn from. Including not taking yourself too seriously. The book also teaches readers the importance of not losing your temper. The final message that I saw in this story is the importance of showing children how important manners are. Marigold realizes that if he uses the word please, everything returns. I can see this book in a unit to teach social and emotional learning. Mike has created another fantastic story that will keep readers engaged and smiling. My students loved the illustrations and I loved that my students learned so much while enjoying reading. I highly recommend this story!
Ages 5 and up
40 Pages

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