Sweet Dreams, Sarah by Vivian Kirkfield


Back of Book:
Sarah E. Goode was one of the first African-American women to get a US patent. Working in her furniture store, she recognized a need for a multi-use bed and through hard work, ingenuity, and determination, invented her unique cupboard bed. She built more than a piece of furniture. She built a life far away from slavery, a life where her sweet dreams could come true.
My Review:
I received a copy of this picture book from author Vivian Kirkfield in exchange for an honest review.
I love finding books that share stories about unknown people in history. I had never heard of Sarah E. Goode and was amazed to read this book and learn about her story.
Sarah was a strong woman in history who had dreams and grit. After the Civil War, she worked hard in her furniture store to meet the needs of her customers. She came up with the idea of making a multiuse bed that could be tucked away to save room. In a time where women were not investors, Sarah did the unthinkable and applied for the patent. Her determination paid off and changed the way the furniture was created.
Vivian has a beautifully crafted Sarahs journey to get the credit that she deserved. The text is poetic and rich in figurative language. I loved the way the words are placed along with the page. It flows with the story. The illustrations by Chris Ewald are rich and detailed.
The back of the book has more information about what a patent is, as well as a timeline of black women patent holders. It also has a note from the author and a timeline of Sarah E Goode’s life.
This is a fantastic book to use in any unit celebrating women. A must-have for any classroom library.
32 Pages
Ages 5 and up

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