Serena: The Littlest Sister by Karlin Gray


Back of Book:
Serena Williams is one of the biggest names in sports, but she grew up the littlest of five girls in her family. While sharing a room and playing tennis with her older sisters, Serena had to figure out how to be her own person―on and off the court. This empowering biography showcases the rise of the youngest Williams sister and how her family played a part in her path to becoming the strong woman and star athlete she is today.
My Review:
I received a copy of this picture book from Page Street Publishers in exchange for an honest review.
Serena The Littlest Sister is a fantastic picture book that shows readers the dedication and determination that Serena had to become the greatest tennis player in the United States. The story follows Serena from a young child playing tennis with her sisters to a great champion who won the US Opening. I love that the story focuses on the relationship between the sisters. Venus and Serena never allowed their competitions to come between their bond.
The illustrations by Monica Ahanonu are bold and bright. They capture the intensity and strength of the way Venus and Serena played the game they loved. The back of the book has more information about Serena and her family. This is a great nonfiction picture book and one that should be shared in elementary libraries and classrooms.
Ages 8 and up
40 Pages

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