Nova the Star Eater by Lindsay Leslie


Back of Book:
Nova has a big appetite for stars, so when she decides to gobble up Earth’s Sun, panic erupts around the globe. Earth needs its Sun to survive! How will it get it back from Nova? One bright little girl just might have a solution.
My Review:
I received a copy of this picture book from Page Street Kids in exchange for an honest review.
I have enjoyed the variety of kidlit books that have come out this year to celebrate the moon landing and all things space related. Nova the Star Eater is unique to this list in that it looks at what would happen to the Earth if the sun disappeared.
Nova the star-eater is busy zooming around space gobbling everything tasty in its path. Suddenly, she swallows the sun and chaos erupts. It takes a children’s perspective to save the world and return the sun to its place in the sky. I love that this story combines fun and humorous concept with true information about all things space related. I also love the message that children often have the best ideas. The illustrations by John Taesoo Kim are bright and lifelike. The back of the book has more information about the sun as well as a glossary of the scientific words used throughout the text. This book is an excellent addition to any space unit!
Ages 5 and up
32 pages

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