Buster, the Delicate Doodle by Jennifer Beland


Back of Book:
Buster is a delicate Goldendoodle pup! After Buster’s mom gets fed up with his rigid tendencies, he begins to take walks with a supportive and encouraging dog walker named Kim, who encourages him to dig deeper into his quirkiness and pull out all his strengths and talents. Can Buster find what he has to offer the world?
My Review:
I received a copy of this picture book from Mascot Books Publishing in exchange for an honest review.
I loved this well written and deeply moving picture book that opens up the topic of learning differences and disabilities in a new light. The story follows Buster the Goldendoodle. Buster knows that he is special, but he also knows that he is different. He worried all the time and sometimes loud noises scared him. It isn’t until Buster meets with a special dog walker named Kim that his anxiety turns around. I love that this story discusses a variety of learning disabilities without adding labels. Jennifer wrote this story in a way that all readers can relate too. The illustrations are bright and colorful. Ana has skillfully brought Buster to life. The back of the book has a note from Jennifer as well as color photos of the real Buster. This is a perfect story for social and emotional learning or opening up any conversations with children about learning disabilities.
Ages 5 and up
38 Pages

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