Butterflies on the First Day of School By Annie Silvestro


Back of Book:
Rosie can’t wait to start kindergarten—she’s had her pencils sharpened and her backpack ready for weeks. But suddenly, on the night before the big day, her tummy hurts. Rosie’s mom reassures her that it’s just butterflies in her belly, and she’ll feel better soon. Much to Rosie’s surprise, when she says hello to a new friend on the bus, a butterfly flies out of her mouth! As the day goes on, Rosie frees all her butterflies and even helps another shy student let go of hers, too.
My Review:
I received a copy of this picture book from Sterlings Children’s Publishing in exchange for an honest review.
Kindergarten is such an exciting time. Children often have a variety of mixed emotions as they begin the school year. Annie beautifully captured the anticipation and apprehension that the first day of school can bring.
The story follows Rosie, a young girl who gets butterflies on her first day. The more confidence Rosie has the better she feels. I loved the use of metaphor in the story. Readers can easily relate to having their own butterflies on the first day of school. The illustrations by Dream Chen are whimsical and bright. I loved the verity of colors that were used within the pages. This is a perfect book for all incoming kindergarten students and their teachers.
Ages 5 and up
32 Pages

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