Like a Girl by Lori Degman


Back of Book:
This empowering book is a celebration of 24 inspiring women who made their mark on history by fighting against segregation, overcoming challenges to become champions helping the sick and poor, creating stories that move people and more. Their remarkable achievements are examples of the ways to make a difference.
My Review:
I received a copy of this picture book from Sterling Children’s Books in exchange for an honest review.
I am a fan of anything Lori writes and this book is no exception. Lori beautifully captures the strength and determination of 24 very different and unique women. I love that the text is filled with action statements that call on young women to be brave and courageous. Lori used a wide variety of women from Harriet Tubman to R.J Palacio. Each woman that is showcased achieved something that was thought to be impossible. The illustrations by Mara Penny are nothing short of breathtaking! From the book paper to the additional reading and everything in-between. The detail on each page is amazing. The back of the book has mini-biographies on each woman as well as additional reading. This is the kind of story that allows girls to realize that they can be anything they want. A must-have for classroom libraries.
Ages 5 and up

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