Thurgood By Jonah Winter


Back of Book:

Thurgood Marshall was a born lawyer–the loudest talker, funniest joke teller, and best arguer from the time he was a kid growing up in Baltimore in the early 1900s. He would go on to become the star of his high school and college debate teams, a stellar law student at Howard University, and, as a lawyer, a one-man weapon against the discriminatory laws against black Americans. After only two years at the NAACP, he was their top lawyer and had earned himself the nickname Mr. Civil Rights. He argued–and won–cases before the Supreme Court, including one of the most important cases in American history: Brown v Board of Education. And he became the first black U.S. Supreme Court Justice in history.

My Review:

I received a copy of this picture book from Schwartz & Wade Publishing in exchange for an honest review.

This is one of my favorite picture book biographies that has been published this year. Thurgood Marshal was a man who did not let anything get in his way. He was determined to be the best in every aspect of his life. His goal as a lawyer was to right as many injustices as he could. His dedication to getting justice for others led him to become the first African American man to serve on the Supreme Court. Jonah Winter has written a well-researched biography about this amazing example of leadership. The text follows Thurgood throughout his life and shows readers several examples of how he made an impact on the world. The illustrations by Bryan Collier are nothing short of stunning. They are rich in texture and color. The back of the book has well-written authors note, as well as real photos of Thurgood. This is the kind of book that needs to be in every classroom. Every child should know who Thurgood Marshal is and he accomplished for the Civil Rights Movement.

Ages 6 and up

40 Pages

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