Terrible Times Tables y Michelle Markel


Back of Book:
Inspired by a Victorian math primer, Terrible Times Tables is a modern take on learning one’s multiplication tables, from numbers 2 to 10, featuring elementary school themes of homeroom, field trips, cafeteria food, holidays, and recitals. Featuring a reluctant narrator and a few unwitting critters, learning math has never been so much fun or amusing.
My Review:
I received a copy of this picture book from author Michelle Markel in exchange for an honest review.
multiplication can be a difficult topic for children to master. It is a different way of doing equations and can be challenging. Terrible Times Tables in a fantastic school-themed story that teaches children their multiplication facts. The text has numbers 2-10 and has a rhyme for each fact. The lyrical text is easy to follow along with and could be memorized very quickly. I loved that the story goes through a normal school year and includes the themes of back to school, field trips, art class, and lunchtime among others. Children will be able to relate to the characters in this story.   The illustrations by Merrilee Liddiard are done in a vintage style with a modern twist. The detail on each page brings the stories to life.
This would make an excellent addition to any multiplication unit. It is also a story that can be used for writing and poetry standards. A truly unique and captivating story.

Ages 7 and up

72 Pages

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