The Scarecrow By Beth Ferry


Back of Book:
This tender and affectionate story reminds us of the comforting power of friendship and the joy of helping others―a tale that will inspire and delight children for generations to come.
All the animals know not to mess with old Scarecrow. But when a small, scared crow falls from midair, Scarecrow does the strangest thing.…
He saves the tiny baby crow.
Soon a loving bond grows between the two unlikely friends. But is it strong enough to weather the changing of the seasons?
My Review:
Autumn is my favorite time of year. It is a beautiful time for family,  friendship, and harvest.  The Scarecrow is a stunningly lyrical picture book that celebrates the importance of friendship. The story follows a lonely scarecrow through the different seasons. Noone approaches him until a baby crow falls near him. The scarecrow scopes him up and nurses him back to health. When the crow heals and flys away,  the scarecrow again feels alone. But soon the crow comes back with his mate, and scarecrow knows that he no longer will feel alone.
Beth Ferry did a fantastic job of weaving together a poem that shares the sadness and joy of scarecrow.  The rhyming scheme draws readers into the story. The illustrations by The Fan Brothers captured the colors and details of the autumn season. The artwork also captures the scarecrow in a stunning way that makes him look lifelike.
This is a perfect way to usher the beginning of the autumn season.
Ages 5 and up
40 Pages

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