The Traveler’s Gift: A Story of Loss and Hope By Danielle Davison


Back of Book:

Liam loved his father’s stories of life at sea. But one day, his father’s ship doesn’t return, and Liam’s love of stories fades. Then the Traveler, a mysterious old man who spins stories with a magical beard like a tapestry, arrives, reminding Liam of his father. They embark on the Traveler’s final voyage together, and before the journey ends, the Traveler passes on his magical gift to Liam.
My Review:
I received a copy of this picture book from Page Street Publishing exchange for an honest review.
This lyrical picture book is a stunning look at love, loss, and sharing memories.
Liam is devastated when his father dies and begins to disappear inside himself. He doesn’t know how to live life without the tales of his father. When the storyteller comes, it gives Liam renewed hope in life. The end of the book is a beautiful look at the importance of passing stories from one generation to the next.
The illustrations by Anne Lambelet are vibrant and stunning. I loved that she drew Liam as a gray color in his grief, and as he healed, his color returned. The expressions on the faces are beautifully crafted and showcase Anne’s talent.
This is a story with a true message of hope and holding tight to the memories of a loved one. I can see it being a great book to share with a child who is grieving a loss of a loved one.
Ages 5 and up
40 Pages

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