When a Kid Like Me Fights Cancer By Catherine Stier


Back of Book:
When a young boy finds out he has cancer, he learns a lot right away. He learns that cancer is something you fight, and that cancer isn’t anyone’s fault—especially not his. He discovers that many things change with cancer, but some of the most important things stay the same. He also learns that having cancer is easier when everyone around him wants to help him fight.
My Review:
I received a copy of this picture book from Albert Whitman in exchange for an honest review.
Cancer is among the scariest things that can occur to children. When a child is diagnosed with Cancer they have many questions. Catherine Stier did a terrific job of writing an encouraging story while giving readers answers to many of their questions.  The story is written in a first-person narrative and follows a young boy through his journey of fighting cancer. The book gives readers a definition of the disease as well as side effects, including hair loss.  The text describes the hospital atmosphere and how sometimes children can still have fun even when they are sick. My favorite part of the story is seeing all the support that the boy has. It is a beautiful look of the human spirit. The illustrations by Angel Chang are realistic and show the strength and determination of the boy, and his family. The front of the book has an introduction from Melissa Helms about the research and support of the National Pediatric Cancer Foundation.
This book made me cry, but also gave me hope in the amazing research that has been done so that children can fight cancer. A must-read for anyone fighting this battle.
Ages 5 and up
32 Pages 

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