Nothing Wee about Me!: A Magical Adventure By Kim Chaffee


Back of Book:
Equipped with her trusty magical ladle, Liesel is ready to embark on an epic adventure…and be home in time for dinner. She saves a prince from a dragon and an island from an exploding volcano in this whimsical, clever story chock full of girl power and creativity. Spunky Liesel’s heroics encapsulates the joy of imaginary play as she reclaims what it means to be a wee girl.
My Review:
I received a copy of this picture book from Page Street Kids in exchange for an honest review.
Liesel loves to visit her grandmother’s house where adventure is always just around the corner. When Liesel uses her imagination anything is possible. Throughout the story, Liesel is in charge of her adventures. She conquers volcanoes,  pirates, and dragons. I love how the plot centers on the importance of play. Often, we forget that children do not need elaborate things to have fun they simply need their imagination.  The illustrations by Laura Bobbiesi are whimsical and sweet. The colors are soft and engaging.
This is a creative and fun story that shows readers the magic of pretend.
Ages 5 and up
32 Pages

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