One Hug By Katrina Moore


Back of Book:
As a family wakes up to begin preparing for the arrival of their immigrant relatives, the littlest girl begins to feel left out and nervous. But an encouraging brother and the welcoming arms of her grandma help end the day with a belly full of food, jars full of fireflies, and all in cozy, snuggly slumber.
My Review:
I received a copy of this picture book from Harper Collins in exchange for an honest review.
My extended family is coming down for Christmas and I know that we will be sharing lots of hugs. One Hug by debut author Katrina Moore is a lovely celebration of family and togetherness.
The story follows two siblings as they help their parents prepare for the relatives to arrive.  When each family member comes,  a different type of hug is given.  Katrina beautifully captured the sensory feelings that a hug envokes in people.  The text is written with strong figurative language that allows readers to relate to the family gathering.
The illustrations by Julia Woolf are gentle and showcase a family’s love for one another is a special way. I love expressions on each member of the family. They each had a special place in the story. I also loved that Julia added images that represented younger generations showing older generations different food groups like hot dogs and hamburgers.
Overall, this is a lovely diverse story that is perfect to share in the classroom or at home. It shows readers that families can learn and grow from each other.
Ages 3 and up
32 Pages

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