Babymoon By Hayley Barrett


Back of Book:
Inside the cozy house, a baby has arrived! The world is eager to meet the newcomer, but there will be time enough for that later. Right now, the family is on its babymoon: cocooning, connecting, learning, and muddling through each new concern. While the term “babymoon” is often used to refer to a parents’ getaway before the birth of a child, it was originally coined by midwives to describe days like these: at home with a newborn, with the world held at bay and the wonder of a new family constellation unfolding.
My Review:
The first few weeks of a baby’s life are precious and allow parents to bond with their bundle of joy.  Debut author Hayley Barrett weaved together a lovely lyrical ode to the tender moments that parents share with their new baby. The text is written in a  rhyming scheme that allows readers to enjoy the journey that the parents are on.  I loved the sweet bonding moments that Hayley captures between the two parents, as well as between the parents and their new child. The illustrations by Juana Martinez-Neal are breathtaking and showcase the love between parents and baby. I loved the expressions of love and pure joy that are conveyed in each layout. This is a perfect baby shower gift to encourage parents to enjoy their babymoon.
Ages Newborn and up
32 Pages

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