Grama’s Hug By Amy Nielander

Back of Book:
May and Grama are a team. They do everything together, from inventing creative projects to going birdwatching to preparing for the annual space fair. And they never, ever say goodbye without a hug. May’s love of science takes her far as her inventions win year after year, helped by Grama’s support, effort, and love. She travels to space camp and eventually beyond, earning her spot as the first kid astronaut to journey into space. As May prepares for her mission to explore the cosmos, she seems ready to go without looking back, making Grama worried that she will leave without a hug.
My Review:
I received a copy of this picture book from Page Street Kids in exchange for an honest review. 
Debut author Amy Neilander created more than a story she created an emotional look at the importance of relationships. The book follows a young girl named May and her special relationship with beloved Grama. Readers are not told why Grama has become May’s caregiver, the framed family picture and May’s family drawing, let us know that both May and Grama have suffered a heartbreaking family loss. This piece of the story allows readers to understand why their bond is so special. Every time May and Grama separate, they share a special hug. As May grows, their special tradition continues to play an important role in their relationship. 
There is also a STEM theme that is seen throughout the story. May has a love of science and is invited to become the world’s youngest astronaut to enter space. The end of the story shows readers that no matter what, there is always extra time for the people you love. Amy’s illustrations are warm and detailed. 
This is a beautiful story that captures the importance of treasuring the smallest moments. 
Ages 5 and up
40 Pages 
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