Fred’s Big Feelings: The Life and Legacy of Mister Rogers By Laura Renauld & Brigette Barrager

Back of Book:
Fred Rogers was a quiet boy with big feelings. Sometimes, he felt scared or lonely; at other times, he was playful and joyous. But when Fred’s feelings felt too big, his Grandfather McFeely knew exactly what to say to make him feel better: I like you just the way you are. Fred grew up and created Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood, the television program that would go on to warm the hearts and homes of millions of Americans. But one day, the government threatened to cut funding for public television, including Fred’s show. So, Fred stepped off the set and into a hearing on Capitol Hill to make his feelings known.
My Review:
I feel like Fred Rogers is the true pioneer behind social and emotional learning. He believed that children needed to know that it is okay to express their emotions. I have fond memories of watching Mr. Rogers as a child and was thrilled that Laura Renauld and Brigette Barrager captured his life and legacy. 
The story begins with the iconic statement Hello Neighbor and invites readers to learn about the childhood of young Freddy a shy boy who had trouble making friends. As he grew Fred didn’t like what he saw on tv so he worked to give children shows where they could learn to connect with their emotions. Laura did an amazing job blending Fred Rogers’s personal life with the important message that he left behind. The illustrations by Brigette are vibrant and draw readers into the story. Her use of hearts as indicators of emotions is especially prominent within the story. The back of the book shares with readers more about the life and legacy of Fred Rogers. This is an amazing book that combines biography with social and emotional learning skills. A must-have in all classroom and home libraries. 
Ages 5 and up
40 Pges 

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