Honey, the Dog Who Saved Abe Lincoln By Shari Swanson & Chuck Groenink

Back of Book:

Deeply researched and charmingly told, this is the true story of one extra-special childhood rescue—a dog named Honey.
Long before Abraham Lincoln led the nation or signed the Emancipation Proclamation, he was just a barefoot kid running around Knob Creek, Kentucky, setting animals free from traps and snatching frogs out of the jaws of snakes.
One day, young Abe found a stray dog with a broken leg and named him Honey. He had no idea that the scruffy pup would find his way into Abe’s heart, become his best friend, and—one fateful day—save his life.
My Review:
Yesterday was President Lincoln’s birthday, so we read this fantastic story about and his beloved dog Honey. I have never found a picture book that focuses completely on Lincoln’s childhood. My students quickly fell in love with the many adventures of Abe and Honey. Abraham Lincoln was a compassionate boy who loved animals. When he frees Honey from a trap, the two become fast friends. I love the positive message that this story has about the importance of being kind to animals. The text is written with figurative language that draws readers into the story. The illustrations by Chuck Greonick capture the historical period beautifully. I loved the detail on each page, The back of the book has a timeline of Abraham Lincolns animal encounters and more about his life as a president. I used this book as the beginning of my President’s Day unit and my students really enjoyed talking about how life was different during Abe’s days.
Ages 5 and up
40 Pages

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