The Oldest Student: How Mary Walker Learned to Read By Rita Lorraine Hubbard & Oge Mora

Back of Book:
In 1848, Mary Walker was born into slavery. At age 15, she was freed, and by age 20, she was married and had her first child. By age 68, she had worked numerous jobs, including cooking, cleaning, babysitting, and selling sandwiches to raise money for her church. At 114, she was the last remaining member of her family. And at 116, she learned to read. From Rita Lorraine Hubbard and rising star Oge More comes the inspirational story of Mary Walker, a woman whose long life spanned from the Civil War to the Civil Rights Movement, and who–with perseverance and dedication–proved that you’re never too old to learn.
My Review:
I was thrilled to win a copy of this book from Rita Lorraine Hubbard. It is the perfect book to instill a love of learning with all readers. The story follows the life of Mary Walker, a woman who did not learn how to read until she was 116. My students were captivated by the strength and determination of Mary’s journey. The illustrations by Oge Mora are absolutely stunning she captured the time-period and historical details beautifully. The back of the book has an authors note that shares more information about Mary Walker, including photos of her. This is the kind of book that makes readers believe that they can accomplish anything that they set their minds too.
Ages 6 and up
40 Pages

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