Fight of the Century: Alice Paul Battles Woodrow Wilson for the Vote

Back of Book:
When Woodrow Wilson was elected President, he didn’t know that he would be participating in one of the greatest fights of the century: the battle for women’s right to vote. The formidable Alice Paul led the women’s suffrage movement and saw President Wilson’s election as an opportunity to win the vote to women. She battered her opponent with endless strategic arguments and carefully coordinated protests, calling for a new amendment granting women the right to vote. With a spirit and determination that never quit–even when peaceful protests were met with violence and even when many women were thrown in jail–Paul eventually convinced President Wilson to support her cause, changing the country forever.
My Review:
I received a copy of this picture book from Calkins Creek Publishing in exchange for an honest review.
This story is an incredible and clever retelling of the fight between Alice Paul Battles and Woodrow Wilson. The book is framed as a boxing match and allows readers to see each side of the issue. Each round gives more information about how Alice Paul fought Woodrow Wilson for women’s right to vote. Alice gathered as many women as she could to help her with the cause. They marched in the cold for hours and eventually went to jail. After more than four years, Woodrow Wilson finally stopped fighting and agreed to write the Nineteenth Amendment giving women the right to vote. Barb Rosenstock has a true gift of bringing historical stories to life and this book is no exception. She captured the strength and determination of the American women as they fought for what they believed in. The illustrations by Sarah Green are rich in color and detail. She did a wonderful job of bringing this part not history to life.
The author’s note has more information about the lives of Alice Paul and Woodrow Wilson as well as a timeline of women’s suffrage and photos of their marches. This is a perfect book for National Women’s Month to show readers the strength that women have when they work together.
Ages 7 and up
40 Pages

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