Three Ways to Trap a Leprechaun By Tara Lazar & Vivienne To

Back of Book:
Maker-girl Claire is determined to catch a leprechaun to prove that these magical, mischievous, miniature marvels are real.
This picture book romp puts Claire head-to-head with her rival, Finn the Leprechaun, with hilarious results. Will this leprechaun be caught once for all, or will he give her the slip?
My Review:
This is the first time in six years that I will not be making a leprechaun Trap with my students. This is such a time of change and uncertainty and my heart has been heavy with it all. I wanted to still share the read-aloud that we would be reading if we were in class today.
St. Patricks Day is an excellent time to incorporate a STREAM lesson in your classroom. Three Ways to Trap a Leprechaun By Tara Lazar is a terrific story that focuses on being creative, and clever. Claire believes that leprechauns are real, her brother Sam is more skeptical. So Claire decides to plan, plot, and plow ahead with her design. In every attempt, they get closer to catching the mischievous Finn. The text is written in a first-person narrative The end of the story is a fun twist that will have readers laughing out loud. The back of the book shares instructions with readers on how they can make their own leprechaun trap. The illustrations by Vivienne To are bright and cheerful! They draw readers into the story and capture the fun and excitement of St. Patricks Day. I look forward to sharing this book with my class.
Ages 5 and up
32 Pages

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