Boats Will Float By Andria Warmflash Rosenbaum & Brett Curzon

Back of Book:
Writing in rhythmic text, author Andria Warmflash Rosenbaum explores the many types of watercraft navigating our lakes, rivers, and oceans, including trawlers, tankers, and cruise ships. Beginning with the sunrise, boats of all shapes and sizes are on their way to a full day. Fishing boats with their nets head out for their day’s lucky catch. Tugboats guide a freighter safely into harbor, and pleasure craft such as sailboats and speedboats offer hours of enjoyment for their passengers. Then when night comes, even boats take a rest, including a houseboat that is docked with its family warm and cozy inside.
My Review:
I received a copy of this picture book from Sleeping Bear Press in exchange for an honest review.
Since I live in the desert, my students do not have the opportunity to be around very many boats. This is a fun and informational text that mentions all types of floating vessels. I was amazed by the variety of different boats that Andria wrote about. The text is skillfully written in a rhyming scheme that is filled with descriptive language. The illustrations by Brett Curzon are charming with bright colors and images. The back of the book shares more information about the boats that discussed within the text.
This is a fabulous picture book that will be a huge hit with all readers.
Ages 5 and up
32 Pages

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