Madame Saqui: Revolutionary Rope Dancer By Lisa Robinson & Rebecca Green

Back of Book:

In revolutionary France, a girl named Marguerite Lalanne longed to perform above large crowds on a tightrope, just like her acrobatic parents. Sneaking off to the fairgrounds for secret tightrope walking lessons, Marguerite finessed her performance skills, ultimately performing for crowds as a young rope dancer. And eventually, Marguerite would perform as Madame Saqui, waltzing and pirouetting across- and never falling off- countless ropes above adoring crowds. A nouvelle chérie de Paris, Madame Saqui cemented her place in circus history, winning the adoration of the French people and royalty alike, including Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte. 

My Review:

I received a copy of this picture book from Schwartz & Wade in exchange for an honest review. 

This moving historical biography tells readers about the life and skills of Marguerite Lalanne. Marguerite grew up during the turmoil of the French Revolution to stay safe Marguerite and her family fled to the countryside. At age nine Marguerite sought secret lessons from Monsieur Barraut. She caught on quickly and surprised her family with her talent and grace on the wire. As the years passed, Marguerite would become the famous Madame Saqui. She would perform in Paris and for famous people like the great Napoleon. Even into her seventies, Madame Saqui would walk the rope, and never fall. 

Lisa Robinson did a wonderful job of bringing this amazing woman in history to life. Readers will be amazed at the bravery and skill that Marguerite had. The illustrations by Rebecca Green are beautiful! She has a true gift at capturing historical periods and bringing them to life. I especially loved her illustrations of Marguerite crossing the wire. The back of the book has authors note that shares more about the life of Madame Saqui as well as a glossary of French terms. 

This is a perfect book to share with readers for National Women’s Month. 

Ages 5 and up

44 Pages 

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