Lloyd Finds His Whalesong By Skylaar Amann

Back of Book:
Lloyd can’t sing. The rhythm of the whalesong guides the whales through danger and connects them to each other. But Lloyd is too quiet to join in. If he can’t sing, how can he be a part of the pod?

Then one day he finds a magical, mysterious object with supersonic seaweed strings! This could be his chance to be part of the song. He practices and practices, nervously preparing to show the other whales. But before he can perform for them, a disruptive, noisy boat approaches and scatters the pod. Lloyd’s powerful new instrument may be the only thing that can reunite them―if he can find the courage to share his unique song.
My Review:
I received a copy of this picture book from Page Street Kids in exchange for an honest review.
“Lloyd Finds His Whalesong” is a moving social and emotional picture book that shows readers that they all have a unique gift. Lloyd is a quiet whale who is having difficulty finding his whale song. Discouraged, he wanders off into the kale to cry. While there, he uncovers a ukulele and begins to play the incredible instrument. When a loud boat interrupts the whale song Lloyd uses his own unique whale song to bring everyone back together.
As a teacher, I love finding stories that I can use for multiple lessons. I loved seeing Lloyd move from uncertainty and discouragement to becoming a leader. It allows readers to see how they too can make a difference. The text is written in lyrical language that sweeps readers into the story. The underwater illustrations are magical and capture Lloyd emotions and journey beautifully. The back matter has more information about whales, sound pollution, and a musical score that can be played on a ukulele. This is a truly wonderful story that shouldn’t be missed!
Ages 5 and up
40 Pages

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