You Are a Beautiful Beginning By Nina Laden & Kelsey Garrity-Riley

Back of Book:

You Are a Beautiful Beginning combines lyrical storytelling and lovely art, blossoming into a celebration of self-love, friendship, and community. With beautiful simplicity and hidden depth, this meditative and magical picture book encourages readers old and young to discover their own endless potential. Kelsey Garrity-Riley’s inviting, gently magical art pairs beautifully with a lyrical, deceptively simple text by Nina Laden to create a picture book that is equal parts inspirational story and peaceful lullaby. 

My Review:

I received a copy of this picture book from MacMillian Kids Publishing in exchange for an honest review.

“You Are A Beautiful Beginning” by author Nina Laden is a stunning lyrical picture book with a positive message. The text is written as a guide that encourages readers to enjoy the small moments in everyday tasks. Each page is filled with advice about friendship, teamwork, dreams, and more. my favorite quote from the book is “It is not being afraid of darkness. It is looking for places that glow” This year has been difficult in an abundance of ways! These powerful words remind readers to look for the good and keep moving forward. The illustrations by Kelsey Garrity-Riley are colorful and full of whimsy. Each page showcases a warm spread that beautifully captures the words. This story perfectly weaved the concepts of mindfulness and growth mindset in a gentle way that children can understand and relate to. 

Ages 5 and up

40 Pages 

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